Bon Voyage, Bob

Opernhaus Wuppertal, Germany. May 2018

Writers: Alan Lucien Øyen and Andrew Whale

Director/Choreographer: Alan Lucien Øyen

Set Designer: Alex Eales

Costume Designer: Stine Sjøgren

Lighting Designer: Martin Flack

“thanks to Alex Eales’ nimbly revolving set, one visually rich vignette follows another at breakneck speed. One minute we are in a Paris apartment, the next a Turkish hotel, a bedroom, sitting room, church or even a morgue that doubles as a restaurant. ” The Arts Desk

“One strength that must be acknowledged is the mesmerising set design by Alex Eales. By keeping twisting slowly, solemnly, scene after scene, it opens up endless possibilities and gives an infinity of backdrops to a limited stage.” Litro Magazine